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American Poetry Review

“Another Thing I'd Rather Not Know About Myself"

Winner of the 2010 Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize
September/October 2010 issue

He’s shot. All right/ it’s happened.

“Living History"

March/April 2014 issue

someone/ will put on these old-fashioned clothes/ and re-enact our artisan lust

The New Yorker


March 12, 2018

perhaps/ I craved the delicate secret/ of the thing suspended/ and temporary in the warm/kitchen glow


August 21, 2017

I lie back in my chair that’s/ turned to face the sun’s full strength/ and try to become browner


Winner of the 2017 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize
Spring 2018

I put worry in their hearts,/ then try to calm them with promises/ of things not getting any easier.

The Georgia Review


“The Drowning" & "Seizure"

Fall 2017

your body/ wanting to wring/ itself out, eyes/ empty, saliva falling/ like a necklace/ from your mouth.

Scoundrel Time


Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award in Poetry
September 25, 2017

He would have to dream, imagine it/ all, over and over.

Radar Poetry

“The Listenings"

Radar Poetry, July 2017

All night with you next to me,/ the world was becoming/ a diamond.

The Florida Review


Summer 2016

I remembered someone’s thumb pressing/ into the toe of each shoe I tried on.

Cimarron Review

“In-Flight Poem"

Winter 2015

how in the sky my third person/ is allowed to exhale her omniscience/ and say Look, that’s your life/ down below, don’t you miss it?

Passages North

“Fourth Grade" & "Fifth Grade"


All things are the same things, only/ grander, or gone.

The Journal

“Recession Dreams"

Fall 2014

I wonder/ a moment why I carry these people/ around, why a nameless man/ should wait in the lobby of my heart/ to be called in and interviewed/ now of all hours

Rattle: Poets Respond

“On July 8"

July 2014

No one else was at home,/ watching round after round fire/ and find its target all those many times

Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Las Vegas, 1981"

Fall 2013

Always their bravery/ will gleam like sunlight on a square mile of ice.

Off the Coast

“Resolutions for Living Alone"

Fall 2012

I know what’s best for me, how much/ weight my heart can carry.

The Cafe Review

“Alone on the Deschutes," & "Organ Music"

Summer 2010

I think I felt just the same/ as I had then, watching you play/ loud triple chords on something/ that was mine, that you were/ assuming enough to caress and make sing